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Study reveals $400,000 annual gains per vessel by deploying Visual Fleet Management

Maritime Safety and Efficiency:
A Problem In Plain-Sight?

Since the beginning of commercial shipping, owners and operators have been physically removed from the everyday operations of their vessels, but are responsible for the costs associated with at-sea inefficiencies and accidents. ShipIn offers a new way to manage your fleet, providing real time visibility and seamless collaboration between ship and shore that reduces unplanned costs and improves asset utilization.

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3 Key Points to Consider When Buying a Maritime CCTV System

Every shipowner and manager we’ve spoken with has at least considered, if not already installed, onboard maritime CCTV cameras for post-mortem safety and security reviews.

Learn how you can maximize utilization and increase value from your fleet’s Marine CCTV.

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ShipIn Wins 2021 Technology Award for Breakthrough Achievements in Maritime Safety.