NorthStandard to offer ShipIn Systems’ FleetVision™ safety gains through Get SET! digital product portfolio

AIS Data +
Visual Fleet Monitoring

You know where your ship is, now know what is happening on board. Combining AIS data with ShipIn’s Fleet Vision Platform, ship owners and managers get proactive alerts to events, reducing losses onboard by 40% and increasing cargo operations efficiency by 8%.

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Seamless ship-to-shore collaboration

The Master, Chief Engineer and Operations Center ashore all see the same visual information in real-time.

Automatic alerts for onboard incidents

Instead of reacting to events or waiting on video recording for incident investigations, enable early hazard detection and real-time alerts for security, safety, or navigation.

Operational efficiency and real ROI

Unlock visual analytics to increase vessel utilization and throughput, replicating best practices across your fleet.

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