NorthStandard to offer ShipIn Systems’ FleetVision™ safety gains through Get SET! digital product portfolio


ShipIn equips ship owners, operators, and seafarers with AI-powered maritime solutions for safer and more productive voyages, and enables unparalleled ship-shore collaboration, critical to delivering growth in today’s global market conditions.

Unlock the next level of productivity in Cargo Operations

AI-Powered FleetVision™ helps you spend less time in ports and maximize the value of your assets. Identify and solve bottlenecks in loading and discharge activities, prevent damage to the vessels, log events digitally, and streamline demurrage claims. Monitor planned vs actual port time, stevedores activities, and more.


Discover Maintenance Performance Beyond Machine Data

FleetVision enables automatic detection and real-time alerting for activities to improve onboard maintenance, equipment upgrades, and more. AI can identify planned vs actual maintenance, and verify completion of tasks and critical assignments, delivering visibility and actionable insights far greater than charts of engine temperatures or RPMs. 

AI-Powered Safety And Compliance

AI and visual analytics can proactively identify hazards and mitigate risks onboard through early hazard detection, promoting PPE accountability, and eliminating other compliance errors. Using data from across the fleet, you can investigate, debrief and train teams to improve performance and build a stronger culture of safety. Accurately track safety KPIs, measure progress over time, and gain visual data to inform decision making.

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