NorthStandard to offer ShipIn Systems’ FleetVision™ safety gains through Get SET! digital product portfolio

Powering Maritime Loss Prevention with AI

Powered by AI, FleetVision offers real-time visual analytics, detecting onboard events from routine maintenance to bridge activity. Our platform instantly notifies stakeholders onboard and onshore of safety breaches, empowering Shipowners, Managers, and Seafarers to foster a
proactive culture of safety and compliance.

Platform benefits include:

  • 40% Less Safety Incidents
  • Reduce Technical Unplanned Off-hire
  • 17% Increase in Bridge Compliance
  • Mitigate Risk of MARPOL Fines and Incarceration
  • Safeguard Vessel Security, Decriminalize Crew
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Read: NorthStandard, one of the largest P&I clubs to offer ShipIn Systems’ FleetVision™ safety gains through Get SET! digital product portfolio.

AI-powered systems like ShipIn’s FleetVision can enhance the speed and accuracy of incident analysis, providing valuable insights for insurance claims. FleetVision network of AI-powered cameras allows investigation teams to build a thorough understanding of the events leading up to the incident, such as missed routine maintenance, security breaches, or navigational factors, as well as in-the-moment information from multiple angles.


Real time alerting

Onboard AI-powered cameras detect onboard events

Seamless collaboration

Data gathered is instantly shared from ship-to-shore so seafarers and managers can work shoulder to shoulder

Enable data-driven decision making

The robust reporting feature tracks performance in real time so you can improve the efficiency of your entire fleet

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