Learn how ZEABORN achieved 17% increase in Bridge Watch Compliance

Shipowner Eliminates Incidents of Unattended Bridge Violations


A leading tanker company was suffering from heavy losses due to recurring, high-profile navigation incidents across the fleet. The company identified a strong need for a proactive system to help improve bridge behavior onboard.


The tanker company partnered with ShipIn and deployed FleetVision™ onboard their vessel. Immediately after the deployment, the system automatically detected a number of lapses in the bridge watchkeeping practices, with alerts for “unattended bridge” flagged by the AI-powered CCTV system.


The Master briefed his Bridge team on the importance of maintaining a proper lookout. Since then, no anomalies have been detected, confirming the effectiveness of the corrective actions taken by the Master. This resulted in significant improvement in navigational practices onboard and improved the safety of the vessel.

The company shared lessons learnt across the fleet to prevent a recurrence of such issues, and the tanker company is now working with ShipIn to integrate FleetVision™  into its business process fleet-wide to prevent future navigation issues.

Navigation Incidents

  • Lack of Visibility
  • Poor Watchkeeping
  • Incident Prevention
  • Real-Time Visibility
  • Seamless Ship-Shore Collaboration
  • Digital Logging of Events
  • Visual Source of Truth
  • Safer Bridge Activities Across the Fleet
  • Navigational Errors Averted
  • Prevention of Potentially Catastrophic Navigation Incidents

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