NorthStandard to offer ShipIn Systems’ FleetVision™ safety gains through Get SET! digital product portfolio

[Video] How Does ShipIn’s FleetVision™ Platform Work?

ShipIn Systems is the world’s first FleetVision™ Platform, built to unlock ship-to-shore collaboration for global maritime fleets with AI and visual analytics. ShipIn’s platform proactively alerts shipowners, managers, and seafarers to onboard events in real-time, reducing losses by 40% and increasing productivity by 8%.

FleetVision™ Platform uses AI-powered cameras and real-time visual analytics to detect discrete events onboard, monitoring routine events like maintenance and bridge activity. The platform automatically alerts stakeholders onboard the ship and onshore to any safety violations in real-time, enabling shipowners, managers, and seafarers to be proactive in driving a safe and compliant culture.

This video gives you a quick overview of the FleetVision™ Platform, how it works, and why ShipIn’s technology offers better visibility, productivity and safety.

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Aliya Zarei

Aliya Zarei is the Director of Marketing at, the world’s first FleetVision™ Platform, enabling seamless ship-to-shore collaboration for maritime fleets. She has over 10 years of experience in marketing communications specifically in oil and gas and tech industries. Aliya is a proud Malaysian, loves animals and a food enthusiast.

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