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ShipIn Wins Safety4Sea 2021 Technology Award

BOSTON, MA — ShipIn, the FleetVision™ provider, was announced today as the Winner of Safety4Sea 2021 Technology Award, in recognition of its Breakthrough Achievements and Significant Contribution in Maritime Safety.

Safety4Sea offers this award in recognition to the best technology vendor in the maritime market, specifically the most innovative new technology with the potential to impact the maritime industry as a whole.

“We are grateful and honored for the industry’s recognition of our team’s innovation and products’ leadership,” said Osher Perry, ShipIn’s Founder and CEO. “We established ShipIn three years ago to bridge the inherent gap between ships at sea and teams ashore. From day one, our goal has been to equip seafarers with advanced digital tools to deliver safer and more productive voyages.”

A recent study the company conducted together with its ship-owning customers revealed an unparalleled $400,000 annual gains per vessel by deploying it’s FleetVision™ tools, resulting from 40% reduction of incidents onboard; increased efficiency in cargo operations; and a seamless ship-shore collaboration.

At the core of ShipIn’s technology platform is a robust AI and image processing engine which automatically identifies events onboard vessels around safety, security, cargo operations, and maintenance. Coupled with registered patents for ‘Efficient Communication of Visual Information from Ship to Shore’, the system delivers real-time hazard detection as well as digital logging of routine events, enabling KPI tracking, inter-fleet benchmarking and sharing of good practices across vessels.

As SVP Commercial Operations at a leading tanker fleet highlighted: “Top-shelf inimitable visual analytical solution that can provide real-time visibility onboard vessels as well as picking up characteristic and unusual behavior. ShipIn has an evolving capability to ask and answer all the questions from the desk ashore, ensuring compliance with the shipboard SMS; maintenance of Industry, Flag and Class standards; as well as providing a new level of confidence for marine insurers with associated benefits”

The Safety4Sea Award is based on nominations from industry stakeholders, and selection by both industry panel of experts and online voting. It was presented to ShipIn on October the 19th 2021, during the SAFETY4SEA Virtual Forum.

About ShipIn

ShipIn delivers a digital bridge between ships and shore. It’s patented FleetVision™ platform reduces incidents onboard, improves cargo operations efficiency and enables seamless collaboration between seafarers and the operators ashore. With offices in AMER, EMEA, and APAC, ShipIn’s team uniquely combines maritime executives with tech leadership to deliver advanced digital solutions to the maritime industry, the backbone of global trade.

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Aliya Zarei

Aliya Zarei is the Director of Marketing at, the world’s first FleetVision™ Platform, enabling seamless ship-to-shore collaboration for maritime fleets. She has over 10 years of experience in marketing communications specifically in oil and gas and tech industries. Aliya is a proud Malaysian, loves animals and a food enthusiast.

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