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Transforming Maritime Operations with AI-Powered FleetVision 

Fleet owners and managers today face serious headwinds from today’s geopolitical and economic climate. Higher prices, increasing regulation, and disruption from security issues such as piracy and drug smuggling create a sense of uncertainty. Larger ships and smaller crew add more pressure to get it all done with less. 

Ship owners, managers, and seafarers today not only have to operate with fewer resources than before, they also require real-time information to the following:

  • What activities are taking place on board, and do these match crew reports?
  • Are safety procedures followed at all times?
  • If an incident does occur, what happened, and how could it be prevented in the future?

All of which can only be achieved with the right technology.

Introducing AI-Powered FleetVision

ShipIn’s Visual Fleet Management system, FleetVision™, gives ship owners, managers, and seafarers a complete picture of ship operations through real-time visuals. FleetVision is more than maritime CCTV: A layer of cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) analyzes and surfaces key insights and action items and keeps communication channels open continuously between ship and shore.

At ShipIn, we believe FleetVision™ can improve how things get done: increase fleets’ productivity, deliver crew safety, and better the global environment. The following are the reasons (but not limited to):

  1. Early Hazard Detection

According to a study by Allianz, 80% of maritime accidents result from human error, making early hazard detection and alert-driven systems critical for accident prevention. With larger ships and smaller crew, as well as an ever-increasing load of tasks to complete, your team needs an extra set of eyes to provide situational awareness. FleetVision™ uses a network of connected cameras placed at key points on board, such as the bridge, engine room, and on deck. 

Using AI technology, the system automatically detects anomalies and alerts the captain and crew to potential issues such as an unattended bridge, interaction with the oily water separator in protected waterways, or missing PPE. 

  1. Proactive Learning

In most cases, an incident must occur for an organization to review their existing standard operating procedures. However, this process is typically to address lagging indicators instead of the day-to-day challenges the team is facing right now.

By harnessing the FleetVisionTM Platform, you can create a digital log of all activities on board. This comprehensive record offers a gold mine of useful information for your team to review and analyze routine operations and identify learning opportunities. These insights can be leveraged to drive continuous improvement and streamline operations.

One of the significant applications of the proactive approach is in training and development. Maritime companies can identify patterns, trends, and areas for improvement to design targeted training programs for their crews. This promotes a culture of learning, professional growth, and enhanced competence among the workforce.

  1. Data-Driven Decision-Making

By combining the data captured in the system, you can also gain insights into trends and patterns across vessels and across the entire fleet. FleetVision aggregates data and generates actionable analytics to help fleet owners and operators assess their overall performance. For example, the platform offers a Fleet Report on Bridge Watch, showing trends in fleet watch compliance across the fleet.

By analyzing onboard behaviors at a high level, the FleetVision Platform provides valuable trends and insights about ship performance, maintenance, and navigation. These analytics can be used for comparisons, benchmarking, and tracking performance over time. 

  1. Ship-to-Shore Collaboration

For most voyages, communication between ship-and-shore can be unpredictable. FleetVisionTM opens up those channels of communication by giving both teams access to shared data and insights at the same time. There are no questions about shipboard activities, discrepancies between reporting delays, or root cause analysis should an incident take place. 

By utilizing detected events, live feeds from shore, and analytics produced by the system, both teams can work together more efficiently.  This level of transparency and accountability empowers maritime companies to learn from past mistakes and continually enhance safety protocols.

See How FleetVision Can Improve Your Maritime Operations

The FleetVisionTM Platform has brought a revolutionary change to the maritime industry by offering diverse approaches to enhance safety, efficiency, and productivity. With ShipIn, owners, operators, and seafarers have advanced digital tools at their fingertips for a safer and more productive voyage. Communicate more frequently with your teams, operate more efficiently, and mitigate security risks and incidents before they occur. Learn more how ShipIn can help your shipping organization by booking a demo today.

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Aliya Zarei

Aliya Zarei is the Director of Marketing at, the world’s first FleetVision™ Platform, enabling seamless ship-to-shore collaboration for maritime fleets. She has over 10 years of experience in marketing communications specifically in oil and gas and tech industries. Aliya is a proud Malaysian, loves animals and a food enthusiast.

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