Learn how ZEABORN achieved 17% increase in Bridge Watch Compliance

[WEBINAR] From Data to Decisions – AI-Powered anomaly detection in the maritime industry

With AI-powered CCTV, ShipIn’s FleetVision platform can provide insights into navigation, security, cargo operations, and more in real-time. In fact, one shipowner was able to identify instances of bridge watch compliance violations and train crew effectively to improve safety and achieve navigational excellence.

In this informative webinar, you will learn the benefits of implementing ShipIn’s crew excellence solution onboard:

o Improving Performance with Ship-to-Shore Collaboration
o Building a Culture of Safety and Risk Management
o Meeting Regulational Needs with ShipIn
o Case Studies: Learn How FleetVision is Helping Maritime Organizations Transform Safety Culture with AI

Watch it here:

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Kevin Brunn

Kevin Brunn brings extensive experience in the digital space in the maritime industry, helping ship owners and ship managers orchestrate their digital transformation for the past 15 years. As Director of Sales at ShipIn Systems, he works closely with clients in reshaping their digitalization initiatives through innovative AI technology application onboard to increase safety, security and operational efficiency. Prior to joining ShipIn, Kevin worked for 14 years with DNV / GL in the Digital Solutions business area.

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